28 June 2019

Modelling Challenges in Cancer and Immunology

King's College London, Strand Building, Room S0.12.

This workshop will bring together experts in immunology, cancer development and applied mathematicians to discuss recent advances in cancer immunology, open questions and modelling challenges. Topics will include dynamics of the immune response, tumor-immune interactions and frontiers in cancer immunotherapy. The aim of the meeting is to promote the exchange of new experimental and theoretical results, create a roadmap for future developments and encourage new collaborations.

  • The workshop booklet with abstracts is available here.


10:30-10:50 Arrival and coffee

10:50-11:50 Professor Tim Elliott (Southampton) : Keynote Talk 1

11:50-12:50 Professor Helen Byrne (Oxford) : Keynote Talk 2

12:50-14:20 Lunch & Poster Session

14:20-15:00 Professor Benny Chain (UCL): Neoantigen evolution shapes the cell receptor repertoire landscape in lung cancer

15:00-15:40 Dr Sophia Karagiannis (KCL) : B cells and antibody responses in solid tumours: immune escape mechanisms and opportunities for translating
novel antibody isotypes for cancer therapy

15:40-16:10 Joseph Egan (Southampton) : The Incoherent Feed-forward Loop: a mechanism by which T cells achieve biochemical memory?

16:10-16:30 Close & coffee


2 April 2019

Multiscale modelling techniques and their applications in biology and medicine

Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

10.30 Arrival and coffee
11.00-12.00 Professor Oliver Jensen (Manchester)
12.00-12.30 Professor Bindi Brook (Nottingham)
12.30-2.00 Lunch with poster presentation
2.00-3.00 Professor Patrick Farrell (Oxford)
3.00-3.30 Dr Yi Lai (Nottingham)
3.30-4.00 Dr Vasiliki Bitsouni (Cardiff)
4.00-4.30 Close and tea

See here for more details.