MiLS Network Announcement

Mathematics in Life Sciences (MiLS) is a research network funded by the London Mathematical Society. MiLS’ main aim is to bring together mathematicians working at the interface with life sciences, to discuss the mathematics underpinning the modelling and analysis of the life science applications.

We will organise 3 meetings per year, each with a different theme. Meetings will consist of two review talks aimed at non-experts, combined with several contributed research talks. We strongly encourage PhD students, postdocs and early career researchers to submit a contributed talk.

Meetings will be hosted by the University of Southampton, University of Surrey and University of Nottingham. Limited funds are available to reimburse expenses incurred by speakers or other participants, and details of how to claim reimbursement will be made available during the meetings.

We are committed to making our meetings accessible to scientists who have children or family responsibilities, therefore we would like to contribute to any additional costs of childcare or domestic arrangements necessary for speakers and others to attend workshops. Besides the limited funding provided by MiLS, we draw your attention to the LMS Caring Supplementary Grants (

If you would like to propose a theme for one of our future meetings, please contact the organisers via email.