Programme - MiLS meeting on Information Theory in Life Sciences, 22/4/24

We are pleased to confirm the programme for the Mathematics in Life Sciences (MiLS) meeting on "Information Theory in Life Sciences", which will take place on 22nd April 2024 at the University of Nottingham (University Park Campus) in the School of Mathematical Sciences (number 20 on the campus map). Directions to the University Park Campus (including cycling facilities, bicycle routes, bus and tram lines) can be found here.

Attendance to the meeting is free of charge, but we kindly ask you to register your intention to attend by completing the registration form. Registrations and contributions of posters will be accepted up until 15th April and can be made through the registration form.

We look forward to welcoming you in Nottingham.

Schedule (click here for abstracts)

10:00 Arrival and coffee in Mathematical Sciences Atrium

10:30 Jonathan Wattis (University of Nottingham)
"Information Theory for Identifying Phenotype-Genotype Relationships"

11:15 Andela Markovic (UCL)
"Dynamics of positional information in the vertebrate neural tube"

11:35 Robert Insall (UCL and University of Glasgow)
"Chemotaxis - why we need information theory and what we can learn"

12:20 Lunch buffet and posters in Mathematical Sciences Atrium

13:10 Thomas Ouldridge (Imperial College London)
"Long-lived memories in biochemical systems: Uses and thermodynamic consequences"

13:55 Jeremy Guntoro (Imperial College London)
"Error Rate and Entropy of Correlated Heterogeneous Polymer Copies"

14:15 Benjamin Qureshi (Imperial College London)
"Equilibrium-like bound on information propagation in far-from-equilibrium molecular templating."

14:35 Hardik Rajpal (Imperial College London)
"Emergence of Higher Order information structures in evolution"

14:55 Tea/Coffee break

15:20 Barbara Bravi (Imperial College London)
"Statistical learning approaches to modelling the immune system"

16:05 Panagiota Kyratzi (Sorbonne, Paris) and Cyril Rauch (Univ. of Nottingham)
"Identifying the association between phenotypes and genotypes"

16:40 Joseph Egan (UCL)
"An information-theoretic model of receptor-ligand binding and its application to T cell activation."

17:00 Sebastian Dohnany, Harriet Smith and Josh Bourne (The Francis Crick Institute)
"I like to move it: Informational measure of sensorimotor coupling underlying active perception in artificial and real cells"

17:20 Close