Programme - MiLS Meeting 21/06/17

We are pleased to announce the fifth Mathematics in Life Sciences (MiLS) meeting. You can read more about MiLS here and here and you can subscribe to our low-traffic newsletter here.

The meeting, co-organised by Dr. Etienne Farcot, will focus on "Mathematical modelling in Plant Biology" and will take place on the 21st of June 2017 from 10:30am to 5:30pm, in Room A16 of the Psychology Building, at the University of Nottingham (University Park Campus). The Psychology Building is number 29 on this map. Directions to the University Park Campus (including cycling facilities, bicycle routes, bus and tram lines) can be found here.

The UK Multiscale Biology network will provide a total of up to £1000 in financial support for early career researchers to participate in this MiLS meeting. You can request travel support following these instructions.

We look forward to welcoming you in Nottingham.

Schedule (click here for abstracts)

10:30 Arrival and coffee

11:00 Dr. Leah Band (University of Nottingham)
"Analysing how auxin controls plant root growth"

12:00 Dr. Nathan Mellor (University of Nottingham)
"The organization of vascular pattern in plant roots"

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Dr. Mirela Domijan (University of Liverpool)
"Modeling insights into the behaviour and function of the Arabidopsis circadian clock"

15:00 Dr. Melissa Tomkins (John Innes Centre, Norwich)
"The leafhopper effect: how leafhopper-phytoplasma-plant interactions drive large-scale patterns of infection"

15:30 Dr. Yassin Refahi (The Sainsbury Laboratory)
"A stochastic multicellular model of phyllotaxis"

16:00 Tea

16:30 Dr. Víctor F. Breña-Medina (Centro de Ciencias Matemáticas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
"A reaction-diffusion model of plant root hair initiation; a long story short from 1D to 2D​"

17:00 Dr. Etienne Farcot (University of Nottingham)
"Oscillations in models of auxin transport and signalling"

17:30 Close