MiLS meeting on Spatial cell signalling - call for talks

The seventh Mathematics in Life Sciences (MiLS) meeting will focus on "Spatial cell signalling" and will be co-organised by Rüdiger Thul. It will take place on the 30th of May 2018 from 11am to 5pm, at the University of Nottingham.

The workshop will bring together researchers working at the interface of mathematical, modelling, and biological aspects of spatially-extended cell signalling. We are broadly interested in models where signalling cascades are spatially distributed either at the sub-cellular or cellular level. Studying these models naturally requires techniques from multi-scale analysis, to resolve the biologically relevant scales and dynamics. Examples include the formation of single-cell polarity, intracellular morphogenesis, changes in cell shapes, and membrane dynamics, and signalling microdomains

The meeting will consist of two review talks aimed at non-experts, combined with several contributed research talks. The review talks will be given by Andrew Goryachev (University of Edinburgh), Stan Maree (John Innes Centre), and Claire Grierson (University of Bristol).

We solicit contributed talks, especially from early career researchers and postgraduate students. If you are interested in giving a talk, please send a title and abstract to Rüdiger Thul (ruediger [dot] thul [at] nottingham [dot] ac [dot] uk) and Daniele Avitabile (daniele [dot] avitabile [at] nottingham [dot] ac [dot] uk).

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